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You will learn to choose the best vendors, accomplish an A+ photographic experience, achieve the very best wedding images possible and many steps in between while avoiding all the common obstacles you didn’t even know existed. This book is a valuable tool whether you’re planning your celebration in a ballroom, a barn, on the beach, or your very own backyard.

The book is divided up into easy-to-follow planning sections: pre-wedding tips, vendor tips, photographer and photography tips, general image and session tips, wedding party tips, wedding day tips, and post-wedding tips.

  • 270 pages
  • Nearly 100 chapters
  • Inspiration photos
  • Glossary of commonly-used terms
  • Two sample timelines
  • 12-month narrative planning guide
  • 12-month planning checklist
  • 1,000+ professional tips
  • 10 downloadable/interactive PDF worksheets
  • Real-life stories from brides, grooms and vendors!

This book is a valuable resource for every couple, on every budget, who is planning a wedding and looking to memorialize that event, and the events leading up to it, with beautiful, story-telling, emotive photographs.

You Need This Book!

Over the years, I have learned so much shooting weddings, it literally compelled me to write books about it. These books have helped my own couples and can help you too.

Some examples I’ll help you avoid are…

  • Getting ghosted by your photographer during the planning phase only to have a complete stranger show up to shoot your wedding (lack of pre-wedding interaction)
  • Having your first look as your guests are showing up (and watching) (improper timeline management)
  • Being surprised (or upset) when your photographer tells you it will be four months before your image gallery will be ready (not paying attention to lack of contract details)
  • Losing your wedding images then discovering your photographer has gone out of business (not knowing how to hire a trusted photographer or care for your digitals)

This is only FOUR examples! The book literally has more than 1,000 professional tips! I am 100% committed to making sure you have the best wedding images and experience possible. This book walks you through each phase of your wedding planning process in simple, easy-to-understand chapters.

Interactive Worksheet Examples

Here are some screenshots of just two of the downloadable, interactive PDFs you’ll have access to by purchasing the book—there are eight more! They include a wedding day planning checklist, a wedding show/open house worksheet, a blank timeline, a rental schedule worksheet, a family formals worksheet, a wedding party/VIP worksheet, a wedding day vendor worksheet, and a timeline calculator worksheet. You’ll also see real-life timelines from one of my four-hour weddings and a nine-and-a-half-hour wedding.

Venue Selection Worksheet

Use this worksheet during all your venue visits. Answer the questions on the worksheet during your visit. If you don’t make a decision on the spot and have a difficult time making a decision, this worksheet will help you to gauge your shortlist of venues side-by-side. It will even score your list of venues to help you identify the best match for your needs.

Photographer Selection Worksheet

Use this worksheet during all your consultations with potential photographers. Complete all the questions on the worksheet during your interviews. If you don’t make an immediate decision and have a difficult time making a decision, this worksheet will help you to gauge your shortlist of photographers side-by-side and score them apples-to-apples. It will help you identify the best match for your wants and needs.

I’ll Teach You Everything I Know!

I’m literally spilling all the beans in this book!

Some photographers will be elated that I am sharing some of the information in this book. But there is also some information that they don’t want you to ever know! I’m giving away some industry secrets and insider information here!

Things you might not have even contemplated like…

  • How to properly vet your vendors (so you don’t hire flakes or frauds)
  • How to choose a photographer (by basing your decision on more than price)
  • What clauses your contract must have (and which ones to avoid)
  • How to get your wedding party to play nice (because this is the biggest stressor for couples)
  • Best practices for unplugged weddings, first looks, and grand exits (tips on tips on tips)
  • Navigating family formals if your parents are divorced (or if there are any strained relationships)
  • What to expect after your wedding day (your photographer might ask you to spend more money—the upsell)
  • 19 Reasons why your photos aren’t ready (lots of truthbombs here )
  • What if you want your photographer to stop sharing your photos (after you signed the model release)

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