Introducing a photography guidebook for couples…

The Complete Guide to Wedding Photography
for Couples Getting Married

This guidebook is filled with professional tips, tricks, secrets, advice, and ideas to help couples ensure they have a pleasurable experience, receive awesome images and have access to quality products throughout all phases of their wedding planning process.

This guidebook is meant to help couples have NO REGRETS about their choice of wedding photographer or wedding images.

What are you most fearful of?


Hiring an unprofessional or subpar photographer?

Master all the red flags to look for when you hire your photographer.


Receiving inadequate advice or getting ghosted?

Digest more than 1,000 expert tips even if your photographer won’t share.


Waiting months and months for your image gallery?

Learn how to get a guaranteed delivery date for your image gallery.


Receiving out-of-focus, icky-colored photographs?

Understand how to prevent this and choose a qualified photographer.

How can this guidebook help you?


There are nearly 100 chapters that educate you on everything from pre-wedding planning, vendors, photographers and photography, images and sessions, your wedding party, your wedding day, and finally, wrapping up with your post-wedding tasks.


The guidebook includes a 12-month narrative planning guide that correlates precisely with a 12-month planning checklist. There are also real-life sample wedding timelines included for you to look at as you begin creating your own timeline.


The book includes ten worksheets to get you to the altar and through your wedding day in a breeze—all downloadable in an interactive PDF format that can be saved to your PC or your smartphone to take on-the-go when making vendor visits!

This book is a valuable resource for every couple, on every budget, who is planning a wedding and looking to memorialize that event, and the events leading up to it, with beautiful, story-telling, emotive photographs.

~Tammy Blalock

About Me

I am a WPPI-certified professional wedding photographer with multiple international photography competition awards.

I have been shooting weddings since 2010 and this is the second book I have written to help couples achieve the very best images from their wedding photographer.

What Readers Said About My First Book

“A wonderful reference! Great book full of useful info and advice. A must have for all brides to be!!”

Tara Gawlik

“I bought it for a friend. I wish I would have had it when I got married. Highly recommend.”

Mollie Mauch Gayle

“My daughter and I are blessed to have this reference book as we plan and prepare for a wedding.”

Dr. Deann Regaisis

best wedding images

Officially Released!

OCTOBER 20, 2021

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